Convention of 1817 with Prussia, starting 15 August 1817:
From Austria: Austrian inland rate to the border + transit from Border Post Office Füssen to the Dutch Border Post Office, per 15 wigtjes: 11 stuiver (= 55 cent) + Dutch inland rate.

When Austria falls under the German-Austrian postal association as co-founder in 1850 and it actually becomes a postal area with Prussia, the Netherlands continues to apply the above rate.

Convention of 1851 with Prussia, starting 1 April 1851:
From Austria: to German - Dutch border: 3 Silbergroschen, 1 Sgr = 6 cent, rounded on whole stuiver, so 3 Sgr x 6 = 18 cent, rounded to 20 cent + Rate for the Dutch part of the route.

The rate for the Dutch part of the route for a letter up to and including 15 wigtjes (grams) mentioned in the convention differs from the Dutch domestic rates, the third distance limit of 100 km was missing:

Up to and including 30 km from the Dutch Border Post Office: 5 cents = 1 Silbergrochen = 3 Austrian Kreuzer
Above 30 km from theDutch Border Post Office: 10 cents = 2 Silbergroschen = 6 Austrian Kreuzer

On 1 January 1864, the distance limit of 30 km was abolished for the Dutch part of the route, the Dutch share became the same for the entire country: up to 15 wigtjes 10 cents = 2 Silbergroschen.

For the rates from 1 April 1851, also look under Germany.

From the Netherlands to Austria: for the Dutch part of the route as the above rates. The addressee also paid the rate of the German-Austrian Postal Union from the German Border Post Office to destination (no transit rate!): over 20 German miles: 3 Silbergroschen = 9 Austrian Kreuzer.


Ladies' envelope from Zwolle to Merano, Tyrol, 18 July 1856. Circular datestamp ZWOLLE with day, month and year, Ø 25 mm in red. Rate: Dutch part to the border over 30 km 10 cent (indicated in black ink) = 6 Austrian Kreuzer + part within the German-Austrian Postal Union over 20 German miles: 9 Kr. = 15 Kreuzer.


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